Notes from the Mission Field — Siberia and the Baltics

Here is an email letter that Pastor Johnson, Missionary to the Eurasia churches in Siberia and The Baltics, sent out recently. If you are aware of missionary newsletters that are sent out, please contact us so we can periodically publish them on BJS.

My church helps to support three missionaries in various parts of the world; if your church doesn’t yet support a missionary it would be a good idea to get it in your budget for this next year.


Dear Friends of Siberia and Baltic missions;


For most of September and October, I have been traveling throughout Iowa, Kansas, Texas and Missouri visiting congregations and telling the story of the Siberian Evangelical Lutheran Church and the resurgence of the Baltic Lutheran Churches. As I have now returned home for a few days, I must take this opportunity to thank you for the invitation to visit your congregation. It was a great privilege for me to speak in behalf of our Siberian and Baltic Lutheran brethren. Their need for continuing catechesis is immense. With your help, we can assist the Siberian and Baltic bishops in further catechizing and training their clergy and laity on the respective needs of pastoral care and the proper understanding of living the Christian vocation.

As I present the story of Lutheranism in Siberia and the repressions received by the Baltic Lutheran Churches under the Soviets, there has been great interest in hearing more. Therefore I have attached to this email a newsletter from the Siberian Lutheran Mission Society (SLMS-May 2008). This particular newsletter describes the conversion of the Siberian Evangelical Lutheran Church’s Bishop and his early years as a Lutheran in Siberia. Within the newsletter is also printed the sermon Bishop Lytkin preached at his consecration in Tallinn, Estonia as Bishop of the Siberian Evangelical Lutheran Church. I am sure you will find this SLMS newsletter to be most interesting reading. Other newsletters can be found here.

I am also attaching the link to the video I presented during my presentation at your congregation, “The Other Half of the Truth.” (Contact me If you desire a DVD of the Video).

Other newsletters and videos describing the life of the Siberian Evangelical Lutheran Church (SELC) can be downloaded from the Siberian Lutheran Mission Society (SLMS) website.

The question often asked when I visit congregations is when will I be deployed to Eurasia. The date has still not been determined, but I should expect to receive my date of departure soon after the installation of the new Director of International Mission. The new Director of International Mission is the former Rocky Mountain District President, Reverend Randy Golter.

To assist in your financial gifts to the Siberian and Baltic mission, I have attached a “Prayer Card” which describes the process of submitting support.

As new information is available, I will be sending you reports. Of course, you are welcome to contact me at any time.


Rev. Daniel S. Johnson
Marshalltown, IA
Missionary to the Eurasia churches in Siberia and The Baltics

Here is a prayer card with information on giving for Pastor Johnson’s mission. You can also give at

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