Gay Marriage — Why Not?

Associate Editor’s Note:  This  short piece by Rev. Matthew Wurm of Trinity Lutheran Church, Bemidji MN appeared in the Bemidji Pioneer as a letter to the editor.  Pastor Wurm is a fine pastor serving the saints in the far north country and also a personal friend.  This short piece demonstrates another way to argue against something as abominable as gay marriage – by pointing it to its logical conclusion.  This Tuesday a number of states have measures on their ballots regarding gay marriage, please vote your conscience (informed by the Word of God).

Gay Marriage—Why not? by Rev. Matthew Wurm

If two committed homosexuals truly love each other, why should any American in good conscience limit their freedom to marry?   If a man and four women love each other and pledge themselves to one another, why should we exclude their desire for a polygamous marriage? If four men and three women truly love one another and are committed to their group, why should we forbid their polyamory (the marriage of multiple partners and sexes)? If a man truly loves his sister, isn’t it discriminatory to prohibit their unique form of sexuality by limiting their freedom and perceived right to marry?  And if a woman says she truly loves a fifteen year old boy and that teenager loves her in return, how long can we limit their right to express their love and desires?

If the deciding factor for permitting people to marry is only love and mutual commitment, where will this stop? Think what the logical end of not limiting marriage will mean to the entire institution of marriage for all people.



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