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The Malay People

Singapore is a fascinating blend of cultures, traditions, and people. One of the three main peoplegroups in Singapore are the Malay.

People of this ethnic heritage can be found throughout the Malay peninsula (Malaysia) and the nearby islands, including parts of Indonesia (like Sumatra).

We look forward to learning more about this people, for whom Christ has died and lives!

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For All the Saints…

All Saints’ Day is one of my favorite Sundays of the year. It reminds us all that, though we are all sinners, born in sin, guilty of sins, totally corrupted by sin – we are all saints, made righteous and holy through the blood of Christ.

There’s also a mission aspect to the festival – an outward focus on the church’s desire that all would hear the Gospel, that all would be saved, that all would join us in that great company of heaven. We recognize that through the Gospel, the Holy Spirit makes saints not only here and now, but in all times and places, from every tribe, nation and tongue.

What a joy to have a part in all of this, and for each of us saints, to serve as part of Christ’s body in this world – his hands, his feet, his voice – and for Him to use our gifts and talents and labors for His good and gracious purposes. Here and abroad, then and now and forever – give thanks to God for building His Church, and gathering to Himself, His people, His saints, in Jesus Christ our Lord.

Moving before moving…

Brenda and I are often asked, “When are you moving?” To which we then ask, “Which time?”

As you know, our house is under contract to be sold, and now it appears we’ll be closing (and moving) at the end of November. From here, we’ll move to a smaller, temporary place – a short- term rental, somewhere in the Racine area.

Then, hopefully in late February or March, we’ll be able to “MOVE – move” to our field of service in Singapore. There’s some uncertainty about that, of course, because the timing depends on our funding level. The development experts in St. Louis keep a close eye on our progress, and when our support network reaches the necessary threshhold, we get the green-light to deploy. We’re enjoying our time visiting with supporters, but eager to get to the field and begin the “real work” of our mission.

Prayer Requests, Praises, and Thanks

Please pray for our family as we continue to travel and visit congregations and individuals. May our visits also bring them a sense of God’s mission in the world, both near and far.

Thanks be to God! We received an offer on our house after just 12 days on the market! Please pray that the contract process and our move to an apartment go smoothly.

And pray for the ongoing and future work of LCMS missionaries in South Asia and elsewhere, as we plant churches, work with partner Lutheran churches, and do mercy work with those in need of assistance.

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