Notes from the Mission Field — Augsburg Confession in the Malagasy Language

Found on facebook .. wouldn’t it be great if all LCMS Sunday School teachers were reading the Book of Concord?


The Augsburg Confession is a theological writing, a confession of the Lutheran faith that was presented to Emperor Charles V on June 25, 1530. It is NOT only for pastors but for anyone who wants to know more clearly what the Bible teaches on various topics. We are currently working with the Lutheran Church in Madagascar to translate and publish the Apology to the Confession of Augsburg in the Malagasy language. It is encouraging to see Sunday school teachers who want to learn this so that that are better Sunday school teachers. How about you?


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Notes from the Mission Field — Augsburg Confession in the Malagasy Language — 1 Comment

  1. Let us give thanks for the people of Madagascar who are interested in learning about their Lutheran faith! Thanks also to the translators, in several organizations, who are making Lutheran material available in native languages around the world! Lutheran Heritage Foundation comes to mind as one that has assisted with translations in Africa and Asia.

    I have read that there are more Lutherans in Madagascar than there are in the United States.
    Is that possible?
    Perhaps Luther’s description of the Gospel as a rain shower, which passes over a country or territory and then moves on due to unbelief or neglect of it, will apply also to us who have it and think we don’t need to learn it! It has happened as he described to much of Europe.

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