New Synod Magazine — Lutherans Engage the World

“Lutherans Engage the World” is the latest “new media” to come out of the synodical office, and it shines on all fronts.  Deaconess Pam Nielsen and the editorial staff have done an excellent job of putting together message and design, into a very attractive and persuasive package.  It was received this week by all pastors and congregations in the LCMS in print by mail.  It is also available online, as the link demonstrates.  Download and read it, if you don’t already have a print copy!

Here is another beneficial fruit of the election of President Harrison.  He knows, from personal experience as previous Director of LCMS World Relief and Human Care, how the “mission-and-mercy” (my term) departments work, and how often they didn’t work together very well in the past.

Here now, in one “vehicle,” are all the departments, all the missionaries, all the teachers, seminarians, ECCs, DCEs, GEOs, etc. for LCMS members to read about, pray about, think about, and maybe “pay about” too.

I was particularly pleased to see that my old haunt, Concordia Historical Institute, was given two pages.

Pages 19 and 20 are great – summaries of how YOU can pray, serve, participate, listen, learn, and invest in the work of Lutheran outreach and care.  It even has upcoming conferences listed.

“Lutherans Engage the World” personally reminds me of the LCMS in the 1960s, when the synod was moving forward across many fronts, building new churches in every budding suburb, and confident in its God-given mission to share its unique perspective on the Gospel and Scriptures to the world.

Thanks to our Lord, for Deaconess Nielsen, President Harrison, the authors, and all the staff for hopeful rays of sunshine after so many cloudy years!


Yours in Christ, Martin R. Noland

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