Is Joel Osteen’s Anthropology Hyper-Pelagian?

The picture to the right is from a parishioner at my church. Apparently she copied the figures on a napkin for some friends while they were having a theological conversation over lunch.  The drawing is of a side by side comparison diagram that I often draw in Bible studies. It demonstrates the differences between: Pelagianism, Semi-Pelagianism, Synergism and Monergism. To see a more comprehensive explanation of this diagram comparing these four views of theology, CLICK HERE.


For the most part I have always been able to summarize the theologies within Christendom by this simple diagram. However, after listening to an Issues, Etc. segment with Pastor Brian Wolfmueller commenting on Joel Osteen’s anthropology (i.e. understanding of mankind), I might have to see about creating a 5th category titled Hyper-Pelagianism. The only problem with hyper-pelagianism is that I am totally at a loss how to diagram it.


Enjoy the audio segment from Issues, Etc.


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