The other half of the MNS District Campus Ministry plan

I saw this today from the Mankato Free Press.  It is an article describing the transformation of the Campus Lutheran Chapel at Minnesota State University, Mankato to “Hosanna Highland”.  The new name reflects the new owner of the chapel, Hosanna Lutheran Church of Mankato (LCMS).  Here is their website.   The congregation purchased the chapel at a reduced rate thanks to the MNS Convention (the same that gave ULC a portion of the sale of their building).

In the Free Press article, it describes the new arrangement of services at the campus site.  Pastor Monte Meyer, who has commented here at BJS before will be conducting Wednesday services and another man who is doing “online training” will be starting Sunday morning and evening services.  I assume this means the SMP program, noting that the Free Press probably has no idea how to describe that program with anything but “online training”.  The article states that he will be ordained “next fall”.  I am not sure if that means this fall (2012) or next (2013).

A quote from the man given to lead those services is somewhat alarming:

“It’s so much fun to be able to get to meet all the new people,” Scruggs said. “Without getting too churchy, it’s just fun to see what God is up to.”

I don’t understand what he means by “churchy”.   Here is what has:

adjective, church·i·er, church·i·est.

  1. adhering strictly to the prescribed form in ecclesiastical matters.
  2. intolerant of dissent in one’s religion.
  3. of, characteristic of, or suggestive of a church: The stained-glass windows gave the room a churchy look.


It sounds like this campus ministry will be distinctly different from the one at ULC which just saw its building tore down.  I am sure with Hosanna being the mother church to this campus/community outreach that the apple will not fall far from the tree.

Here is the Facebook page for Hosanna Highlands.


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