Steadfast Media Pick of the Week — An Institutional Pick

An Institutional Pick


From the 2007 Theological Symposium entitled: “Authentic Christianity and the Institutional Church: Time for a Change?” Pr. Todd Wilken’s presentation “The Church is an Institution… and Denominationalism is a Good Thing.” Pr. Wilken starts by thanking God that the Church is an institution, a divine institution, and then illustrates how non-denominational churches really are a denomination.




(You can also view the video on the Wittenberg Trail here or below)

At 24:04 Pr. Wilken quotes C.F.W. Walther saying, “This is something the Missouri Synod needs to remember, it should prefer to go out of business, rather than let the Church suffer harm by its continued existence. Those who want to see the synod continue under all circumstances, regardless of whether that would harm the Kingdom of Christ, are not being lead by the Spirit or Christ but by the spirit of selfishness.”


Steadfast Media Pick of the Week — An Institutional Pick — 4 Comments

  1. William, thanks for the catch. I messed up the filename after I uploaded the post but it should be good now.

  2. Hate to disagree, but there are too many heresies of our time to limit it to one. Universalism, Arianism, Antinomianism, just to list a few.

  3. Pr. Zell,
    But those heresies have always been with us and ebb and flow with the times. I believe the point of the paper was that there was a pet heresy that marked an era. I find it hard to argue with the consultants as our heretics when the Synod has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions on them. And we have districts funding and pushing things like TCN. Universalism, Arianism, et al attack us from outside, the heresy to really be wary of are the ones we fund and promote from within.

    —Brian Yamabe

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