Even while steeples are falling UPDATED

The old ULC front entrance

ULC’s demolition was completed today.  Peter Wagner, a college student at the U of MN and also a member of ULC created the following video.


Here is an updated version of it:


On top of this video, there are a number of photos from the demolition.  I will say thank you to Doran for allowing the folks at ULC to salvage the stained glass and altar from the old building.  I will say thank you to the convention delegates who voted to fund the beginning of the new ULC with $2 million from the sale.  That amount will not get ULC anything similar, but it has helped.  Really, our readers need to continue to support ULC and consider making a mission festival offering for the ULC cause.  Another $2 million will most likely be needed to situate the congregation with a similar footprint to serve the students of the University of Minnesota.  Stay tuned for other fundraising options to support ULC.

This whole episode over the past year has been shameful.  Throughout it all we have seen the worst of what happens in a church body which tolerates diversity in belief.  The side-taking and politics are only reflective of different beliefs waging war over resources, and the witness to the Gospel is lost among the fight.  This past year should cause great concern about the future of any Koinonia efforts and how they will all turn out for the LCMS.  How do we reconcile the parties even around something as simple as the Third Article of the Creed, which has long been thrown aside by those who would rather improve upon God’s way of making disciples with the latest and greatest methods and schemes?  God only knows.  Thank God that unity is His business.  Compromise will not work – only God-given repentance and return to the pure teachings of Scripture.

Please continue to pray for the elected leaders in our Synod as they deal with this.  Pray for the new leadership of the MN South District as they have inherited a district that has been torn apart by what created the rubble pictured above.  Pray for the congregation of ULC and Pastor Kind, who have suffered dearly through this and yet behaved admirably.  Support campus ministries and faithful campus ministry models, which focus upon the Word of God, the pure Gospel and the rightly administered Sacraments for their life and outreach to the students which God brings to them.



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