ULC Demolition is Under Way

Found on Robin Muench’s facebook posting:


When my husband and I first started attending ULC, we entered always through the back door. The memories that come to mind for us now, as we watch the demolition in progress, are memories of walking up those steps and into a warm place of Lutheran fellowship, a place where we were so struck by the earnestness of young University students coming to be nourished with God’s Word and holy sacraments. We both found in that congregation a sense of fellowship that we had never experienced, a fellowship rooted in sound, confessional theology, liturgical integrity and catechetical clarity. There we found a place where people were happy to be identified as Lutherans. We watch now with profound sadness as the building is being demolished, as the “building and land [have been] returned to profane use*…,” no longer set apart for worship.

May our Lord bless all you our friends at ULC. We are so grateful for the six years our family was able to feast with you on that which truly satisfies. In your sadness may you not be disheartened, knowing that even now God continues to provide a place for you to gather to worship Him in Spirit and in truth, and that in due time, He will, we trust, provide a new “permanent” home for the congregation.

*from “The Rite of Disposition of a Church Building”

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