Steadfast Media Pick of the Week — An Everlasting Pick

An Everlasting Pick


This week’s pick is from the early days of Worldview Everlasting. For those who don’t know, Worldview Everlasting is a video blog by Rev. Jonathan Fisk that mixes pop-culture references, eclectic editing, and solid Lutheran theology.

He also has a feature where people can ask questions and have them answered online by various people on his team. Click here to ask a question, or here for his “We’ve Got Answers” section.



The episode starts with a classic clip from “Cheers” where Woody (LCMS) and Kelly (LCA) argue over their Lutheranism. Then Rev. Fisk highlights the fact that Lutheranism is not just a Mid-Western, German thing and sneaks in a plug to support Lutherans in Africa. Finally, the bulk of the episode deals with the question of how to explain Lutheranism to Methodists.

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