Great Stuff — President Matthew Harrison’s Q & A at the Northwest District Convention

Thanks to Scott Diekmann, this was found on his blog Stand Firm


Here is the video of President Harrison’s appearance at the recent LCMS Northwest District Convention. It’s well worth watching. A few highlights:

At 31:38, President Harrison addresses his view of the implementation of the new synodical structure that was imposed at the last national convention.

At 34:50, his views on women’s ordination and the role of women in the church.

At 41:30, how he exercises ecclesiastical supervision.

At 48:30, what the plan is for the National Youth Gatherings.

At 50:40, his view on Licensed Deacons.

At 55:51 begins the long conversation regarding an LCMS pastor who communes with his wife at an ELCA church. First a pastor asks President Harrison about this case, followed by the unionistic pastor’s sister.

At 1:05:36 is the conversation with the pastor who doesn’t know if homosexual attraction is sinful. Listen closely. This pastor embraces Gospel reductionism.

At 1:17:17, President Harrison’s thoughts on the Specific Ministry Pastor Program.


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