Excellent resource on sale – one of the keys to understanding our Life Together debates

Luther’s work “On Christian Freedom” was required reading at seminary.  It provided a great way to understand the freedom we have in Christ (by faith) and also the bonds we have to one another (by love).  This is as I see it, one of the key things in many of the doctrine/practice debates going on in the LCMS today.  Often freedom claims are made in every little innovation that is introduced.  Often one pastor can claim his freedom over his neighboring pastors in doing things.  All of the freedom talk leaves the idea of the bonds of love behind.  Luther and those Lutherans after him understood this difference, and the LCMS would do well to revisit it once again.  With that in mind, CPH has a recent publication on sale right now – their new release of Luther’s “Christian Freedom”.

Here is a posting from Rev. Paul McCain’s blog on it:



For example, in the “worship wars” Christian freedom is touted in order to introduce all sorts of innovation and love is often only directed to those not in the church.  The second generation of Lutherans, who understood true Christian freedom created church order books, which directed the pastors in a given region on how to conduct worship.  These books were very restrictive, but no one cried “freedom” because they understood their bonds of love to each other.

Hopefully the release of this volume and selling it for a very affordable price will encourage us to rediscover our bonds of love and also the true meaning of freedom for the Christian.


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