Differences between the ELCA and LCMS, with links, being updated

A few years back I took on the task of researching the official beliefs of the ELCA and comparing them to official beliefs of the LCMS.  I went through their websites and tried to cite literally and reference where things were found.  This was very helpful in dealing with folks leaving the ELCA for the LCMS during the exodus from the ELCA after their horrid affirmation of sin in their 2009 Churchwide Assembly.

Recently, the project has been resurrected by Pr. Donavon Riley, who is working on updating the links.  He posted this on his blog “The First Premise”.  You can view it here.

After watching the video of President Harrison answering questions at the Northwest District’s Convention, it is great that Pr. Riley has brought these differences back into perspective as it appears that there are some in the LCMS who think working together with the ELCA and continue theological discussions with them is a good thing.  These differences make clear that the ELCA and LCMS are on completely different paths.  In the LCMS we have even a Synod President who admonishes the whole body to repent.  In the ELCA you have a presiding bishop who embraces impenitent sin and promotes it with the resources of the whole denomination.

Thanks to Pastor Riley for bringing this back to the front again.


For those who follow Pastor Riley on Facebook or on his blog, you will soon have the chance to read some of his thoughts here at BJS, as he will be joining the regular writing crew here.


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