Announcing the St. Ambrose Hymn Writing Contest

A good, solid corpus of hymnody has been a hallmark of the Lutheran confession. Hymns as “sung confessions of the faith” have served the church well throughout her history, underscoring and emphasizing the truths of God Word that are being proclaimed.

However, some of the readings in our Lutheran Lectionary do not have hymns that serve this purpose. Therefore, the St. Ambrose Hymn Writing Contest was created to fill this gap.

Each year, a Sunday of the Church Year will be selected for which there is a perceived gap in hymnody, and we invite you to write a good solid Lutheran hymn based upon the Gospel for that Sunday. The winning submission will be awarded a $1,000 prize and be eligible for publication through Liturgy Solutions.

For more information on the contest, the Sunday and Gospel selected, and what makes a hymn a good, solid, Lutheran hymn, visit the St. Ambrose Hymn Writing Contest web site at

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