Walther’s Law and Gospel In Laymen’s Terms

For devotions and discipleship, one of my staff and I worked through C.F.W. Walther’s book titled, “The Proper Distinction Between Law and Gospel.” As a project I thought I would take up the challenge of re-writing each of Walther’s theses in laymen’s terms and in so doing, flesh out a basic summary of each of his theses. This series will be titled, “Law and Gospel In Laymen’s Terms” and it will be stretched out over the next several months. So, check in from time to time.

This series will also serve as a great introduction to those that are unfamiliar with Law and Gospel.  In other words, pass on these upcoming posts to your friends and family in order to introduce them to the subject and also to introduce them to the Brothers of John the Steadfast Website.  Hopefully you and your friends will find the posts to be very simplistic, straightforward and easy to understand.  I also encourage you to offer up any of your thoughts to the upcoming posts.  Will you give me a hand in further adapting Walther’s theses into laymen’s terms?

For today, check out the following Law and Gospel Summary Sheet and the highlighted summary of Law and Gospel by clicking here.


Pastor Richard

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