ULC Final Divine Service and Closing Service

Note: Special thanks to Norm Fisher, BJS tech guru for making this post possible.  The artful summary video set to Psalm 48 is thanks to the work of Peter Wagner, one of ULC’s students. The final three videos come from Robin Muench – thank you Robin for your support of ULC!

The congregation of ULC is now without a chapel to call their own.  The building has been restored to its “profane” (that is, not sacred) use.  The building will soon be demolished to make room for apartments and so forth.  What follows are videos of the final service (De-consecration) of ULC.  You will note many pastors in attendance.  You will also note many laity in attendance.  This is because when a Church grieves, the whole thing grieves, pastors and people.  I know for a fact that many were there in spirit even though their vocations didn’t allow them to travel up to Minnesota for it (I am one of them).  In the months to come ULC will be finding somewhere to continue their campus ministry to the students of the U of M.  Eventually there will be a permanent place for them to call home, a place which cannot be taken away from them by others in their church body.  Stay tuned to BJS for further developments on this – there will be some good stuff coming from this – God has said so.

To the folks of ULC – it has been my honor and privilege to stand with you, to pray for you, to write for you, to inform the readers of BJS over this past year.  Though your situation has changed, your supporters still stand with you and will stay with through it all.  There will be continued prayers.  There will also be efforts to continue to raise funds to find you an excellent home for Word and Sacrament ministry on that campus.  All of this pales in comparison to what our Lord Jesus Christ has done and will continue to do for you.  He will continue to speak His Word to you through Pr. Kind, to feed you His body and blood, even at a different altar.  Baptism and Catechesis will go on as disciples will be made by God’s means of water and the Word.  He will continue to bring you into the baptismal life every new day.  He has not forgotten His promises to you, and as He did for Joseph – He will bring good out of this.

The closing service of the University Lutheran Chapel in Minneapolis, MN, before our eviction by the district board of directors. The building will now be demolished and replaced with an apartment complex. Music is from Psalm 48, sung by our choir. A complete DVD of the service will be available soon



June 24, 2012, 3:00 p.m.
The Order of Vespers – Processional hymn through First Lesson


The Order of Vespers
The reading of the Second Lesson through the homily (The Rev. Prof. Thomas Aadland)


The Order of Vespers
Taking of the offering through The Rite of Disposition of a Church Building


Here is a copy of the bulletin for the service.



Here is the text from the sermon from the morning Divine Service celebrating the Feast of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist:  Pastor Kind does an excellent job of preaching the text and occasion, but doing so in a way which speaks to the situation at ULC.  It is fine example of Lutheran preaching.

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