MNS Board of Directors release new minutes from May and they show something…

That is appalling.  See the draft minutes here.

There was a chance that the sale could have fallen through, but apparently the District BOD wanted the property of ULC sold so much that they accepted a revised offer of$250,00 less than before (ironic that at the beginning they seemed unwilling to give ULC $250,000 but now are willing to give Doran the money).  It also shows that the MNS BOD had an opportunity as late as May 24th to back out of the deal and save the ULC building from destruction.  They have chosen to continue with the eviction of one of their congregations and also to continue to drive a wedge of division into the District and our Synod by continuing their course of action.

This is one of the quotes from their resolution:

Seller shall complete the eviction of University Lutheran Chapel from the Property prior to the Closing Date.

Now translated:  The Minnesota South District shall complete the eviction of one of their member congregations, University Lutheran Chapel from the property prior to the Closing Date.

Also of note is that the organization “People of Praise” (wikipedia here) who has rented the ULC parsonage in the past is being given right to take any of the contents of the property with them.  They are also being praised by the District and given “God’s richest blessings”.  That is right, a charismatic group that our confessions would condemn (see Smalcald Articles) is being shown more courtesy than a congregation the District exists to serve (things other than evictions).  How can a confessional Lutheran Synod (by way of one of its Districts) bless the work of those whose ministry is of an unholy spirit?


Here is the BOD resolution regarding the sale of ULC:


WHEREAS, the Minnesota South District (the “District”) owns real property located at 1101 University Avenue Southeast, Minneapolis, Minnesota, which is legally described on Exhibit A attached hereto (the “Property”); and

WHEREAS, on September 13, 2011 the Board of Directors of the District (the “Board”) unanimously adopted a resolution authorizing the Treasurer of the District to effectuate the sale of the Property subject to certain conditions, including a condition that any purchase agreement executed on behalf of the District must have a net sales price of not less than $3.2 million; and

WHEREAS, pursuant to such resolution the Treasurer of the District entered into a purchase agreement with Doran Development, LLC (“Doran”) dated September 23, 2011 (the “Purchase Agreement”); and

WHEREAS, as is typical, Doran’s obligations as buyer under the Purchase Agreement are subject to certain conditions precedent, as set forth in Section 9 of the Purchase Agreement (the “Conditions Precedent”); and

WHEREAS, as part of Doran’s investigation of the Property and its efforts to obtain the municipal approvals required for Doran’s intended use of the Property, certain items have come to light including the following: i) the City of Minneapolis has approved a smaller residential housing project than Doran desired; ii) alleged fence and pavement encroachments exist on the perimeter of the Property; and iii) certain environmental conditions exist on the property that will need to be addressed when Doran develops the Property for its intended use; and

WHEREAS, the above listed items each form the basis for Doran being relieved of its obligations under the Purchase Agreement based on or more of the Conditions Precedent; and

WHEREAS, Doran has requested the purchase price stated in the Purchase Agreement be reduced from $3.5 million to $3.25 million in exchange for Doran waiving the Conditions Precedent and accepting title to the property subject to existing encroachments and environmental conditions; and

WHEREAS, having considered Doran’s request and information relevant to such request, the Board finds it would be in the best interests of the District to reduce the stated purchase price of the Purchase Agreement to not less than $3.25 million in exchange for Doran waiving the Conditions Precedent (except certain conditions relating to title and ULC’s occupancy) and agreeing in an amendment to the Purchase Agreement to accept title to the Property subject to existing encroachments and environmental conditions; and

WHEREAS, in preparation for the closing of the sale of the Property the Board desires to designate those officers authorized to execute documents on the District’s behalf;

NOW, THEREFORE, be it resolved:
1. The above recitals, including the findings contained therein, are incorporated as resolutions of the Board of Directors.
2. The sale of the Property to Doran for a gross sales price of not less than $3.25 million is hereby ratified and approved and the resolutions contained herein shall supersede the Board’s previous resolution of September 13, 2011 regarding the sale of the Property.
3. For purposes of the resolutions below, “Authorized Officer” means either the President of the District or the Treasurer of the District.
4. Either Authorized Officer is hereby directed and authorized to negotiate, execute, acknowledge and deliver on behalf of the District an amendment to Purchase Agreement that reduces the stated purchase price in the Purchase Agreement from $3.5 million to not less than $3.25 million and contains such other terms and conditions as either Authorized Officer deems appropriate.
5. Either Authorized Officer is hereby authorized, empowered and directed to negotiate, execute, acknowledge and deliver on behalf of the District a deed and all other documents and instruments necessary or desirable to complete the sale of the Property as contemplated by the Purchase Agreement, as amended. The execution of any document or instrument by either Authorized Officer shall be deemed conclusive evidence of the approval of such document or instrument in accordance with the terms of this resolution.
6. Either Authorized Officer is further authorized, empowered, and directed to do or to cause to be done all further acts and things as he or she deems necessary, advisable, or convenient in connection with or incidental to the consummation or carrying into effect of the transactions contemplated by the above resolutions including, but not limited to, the payment of real estate taxes, deed taxes, closing costs, and other costs and expenses associated with, or incidental to, the sale of the Property, and all such actions shall be deemed ratified, approved, confirmed and adopted.

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