ULC Legal Claims Documents

ULC during construction in 1949.
The entire MN District Convention took a recess to be part of it.


Some new documents have put out by ULC in their cause to save their facility from being destroyed by the MNS District’s stewardship and ministry decision to sell the property to a developer.  From ULC:

A new document is available related to our legal claims. This one shows from the MN District Convention proceedings just what the donors and the District intended when they built ULC’s chapel.

Purpose of ULC-Convention Actions


A second document related to our legal claims has just been posted. This one shows from Official MN District Reports and Promotional Items what the District intended when ULC was built.

Purpose of ULC-Official District Reports


A third document related to our claims has been posted today. This one shows the expectation of the students and of the campus pastor at the time the Chapel was built.

Purpose of ULC-Gamma Delta


Here is another key document involving the correspondence of previous pastors of ULC.  It is a large document but is also very comprehensive.

Correspondence of ULC’s Pastors

Here’s an older document posted May 14th:

Where did the money come from to build ULC? We just posted a new document, using MNS District records, that shows just where the money came from and where it was spent to purchase land and construct ULC.

Who Paid for ULC


Now for those who have the authority to vote in the MNS Convention this June I would ask you to read these documents and think on whether the action of the MNS Board of Directors and District President is a good one, in keeping with the original intent of those who put the building up.  If you look into this on BJS, you will see that I have been very passionate about this, and you may feel more moderate in your response, but it is important to consider the actions of the MNS Board of Directors and District President in light of reason.  You know from even the political material being sent to you that there are definitely two sides involved in LCMS affairs, and this is indeed sad whenever it happens.  However, just by using your good old Minnesota common sense (I am a native of MN too) can you see how divisive this whole sale issue has become?  If this division creating decision making is the kind of leadership which is represented by certain people who are up for election or re-election, are those the folks you want making decisions in the future?  How much more division do you want to see?  How much more division can your district take?

For all who are not involved in the MNS Convention, please keep it in your prayers, ULC, Pr. Kind, alumni of ULC, and especially the District Board of Directors and District President Sietz, that there may be a change of heart and decisions made to help heal the great divisions that have been deepened by this whole sad affair.


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