ULC files legal complaint against MN South Leadership.

Posted on the ULC website is news that they have now taken matters to court.  Click here to read the 22 page complaint.

They admit that the action reflects a failure by the church (see their apologia, page 2), but that they are necessary to protect the flock at ULC.  Click here to read ULC’s 8 page apology (defense) for their actions.

Before anyone starts the “Christians don’t go to court” route of argumentation, read the defense – it presents biblical, confessional, and historical evidence from theology for such a course of action.  They even cite by-laws!

From the last paragraph of the defense:

Because the leadership of the District has refused to hear us, has refused to hear the church at large, and will do irreparable harm by closing on the sale prior to the District Convention, University Lutheran Chapel and I had no other choice but to file suit in the civil courts. We have done so for the sake of the students and of the flock of Christ, not for revenge, and not for our own gain.

O Lord God, keep us faithful as we pursue this course of action, and preserve Your holy Church and the proclamation of Your Gospel on the campus of the University of Minnesota and in all places where it is found. Amen.

How very sad that no resolution could be found for this whole situation within our church.

Please include ULC and the MNS leadership in your prayers, that perhaps matters may still be settled before Caesar renders his verdict.







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