Supporting resolutions for ULC stricken, “this” resolution is put to the MNS Convention. UPDATED

ULC during construction in 1949.
The entire MN District Convention took a recess to be part of it.


The ongoing struggle over ULC, showing the deepening divisions in our Synod has a new document.  ULC has released a critical evaluation of the resolution that will be put before the Minnesota South District Convention (Resolution 5-01).  Keep in mind this resolution is the one put before delegates for their pre-convention reading and so forth.  I would urge all delegates to the Convention also read ULC’s take on the situation as it greatly differs from the content of the printed resolution.

Here is the ULC critique of Resolution 5-01

If you would take a look at this resolution from the outside and consider what it says, consider that this is a resolution which names a congregation (member congregation of the MNS Distict) and its pastor (a member of the MNS District of the LCMS) and speaks very ill of that congregation and pastor in the contents of the resolution.  The District Convention planners under the MNS District thought it was appropriate to put such words to page and send them out as official convention correspondence.  The language and so forth only shows how this whole situation has been poorly handled from the start.


ALSO – please note all the financial language surrounding the resolution as though this is a financial situation.  If it is financial, why didn’t the District accept the offer for $300,000 more?

If you are a delegate, please don’t just blindly follow this resolution, but consider the position of ULC.  It is only fair and reasonable to do so.  There are obvious flaws in the statements coming out in this resolution.  Such flaws should have been reason for this resolution to not see the convention floor, but you will have to figure it out there.

UPDATE:  I forgot to include the letter to MNS Delegates by Pr. Kind, you may read it here.


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