In Jesus I Find Rest and Peace

In Jesus I find rest and peace-
The world is full of sorrow;
His wounds are my abiding-place;
Let the unknown tomorrow
Bring what it may,
There I can stay,
My faith finds all I need today,
I will not trouble borrow.

My daughter, Mary, had a dear friend at college.  This dear friend would cook a meal every week for the college students when they gathered for a Bible class.  This dear friend treasured the Gospel and loved to gather with others that treasured the Gospel.  This dear friend loved to encourage and be encouraged talking theology.  This dear friend became Lutheran later in her life as an adult.  She very much treasured being Lutheran and Lutheran hymns.  Mary and this dear friend treasured each other as sisters in Christ.

Mary’s dear friend learned she had cancer and quickly faced death.  Mary was heartbroken to lose her dear sister in Christ.  When Mary visited her in her final hours on this earth, they talked for a while and then her tired dear friend asked Mary to sing to her hymns.   Mary sang and held her hand.  The last hymn she sang to her was the above hymn.

Mary learned this hymn as a child at home.  Mary was comforted to be able to comfort and encourage her dear friend to think of Jesus as she faced death.  Mary didn’t need a divine call from a congregation to speak God’s Word to comfort her dear friend.  Mary, as well as all children of God, has the divine call to comfort, encourage, and, especially love fellow sisters and brothers in Christ.

Only God knows what tomorrow brings. I thank God that He let me know of some fruit of our labor in teaching our children good Lutheran Hymns.   When mothers teach their children about Jesus, mothers need to be patient and keep teaching, talking, and living Jesus with their children.  Mothers need to ready their children for the unknown tomorrow brings. Lutheran hymns are helpful and good teaching tools as well for comfort and encouragement.   ‘Music is good for the soul’, but hymns that teach Jesus are true balm for the soul in this wicked world. The world is full of sorrow. Our faith in Jesus is all we need today.  The duty from God to parents is to prepare and equip His children for every good work.  It was God’s good work that Mary found comfort in a dear Christian friend.  It was God’s good work that Mary was there for this dear friend to comfort her in her time of death.   Parents who take lightly instructing the children in their care from God borrow trouble.  Lutheran hymns are precious tools for parents to pass on the faith in Christ Jesus.

To me the preaching of the cross
Is wisdom everlasting;
Thy death alone redeems my loss;
On Thee my burden casting,
I, in Thy name, a refuge claim
From sin and death and from all shame-
Blest be Thy name, O Jesus!

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