Blue Here, Blue There… But What’s Going on with that other Blue Thing?!?

Note to Readers: This really isn’t a post, but more of an observation/question that has me befuddled.

Blue Here, Blue There, Blue Everywhere

Ever since the Missouri Synod has been “re-branded” in blue and even Gottesdienst Online got hip to the new trend and dressed up in blue for a few days, I have had blue on my mind. And it struck me that a rather large blue elephant in the room (that lots of people used to be very concerned about) has hardly been discussed of late.

What I speak of is the BRTFSSG. Remember that? The Blue Ribbon what-cha-ma-call-it that produced an endless slew of proposals and changes that had “confessionals” worried and sounding the alarm. Some of it passed, some of it didn’t. And some of the stuff that did get through was the stuff that had people up in arms.

I am not going to get more detailed than the vague summary above. My point is not to analyze the changes. There has been plenty of scrambling and studying over what in the world the changes mean for the Synod.

My question is simple: What happened to the fire in the belly from the “confessional side” on this issue. Do folks no longer care about these changes? Are they reasonably content with what passed? Are they ok with it because President Kieschnick was not elected and President Harrison was? Does apathy rule the day? What gives?

I just find it rather bizarre that for all the alarm surrounding the BRTFGSS before  the 2010 convention, I have yet to see any serious move to get rid of  any of it. To my knowledge, not a single resolution has come out of a district convention that seeks to repeal any of the changes. I also am unaware of any plans by any groups or individuals towards that goal. And it seems to me, even if folks wanted, it is way too late to get anything done in time for the 2013 synodical convention. This is all doubly weird because if you want to repeal something; you do it right away, before it becomes the established norm.

In my book, the centralization of power running through the BRTSSGF proposals is like the One Ring. The only thing to do with it is to cast it into fire. You certainly do not want it used, and you want it out of your hands as soon as possible. Do the confessionals no longer see it that way? And even if they do, is it too late?

So to summarize: What’s up with the whole BRSGSTF thing?

Seriously, somebody help me out here! What is going on?


In Christ,

Pastor David Ramirez

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