New MNS Documents Promote their vision of Campus Ministry – ULC Commentary.

There is currently a block on all pro-ULC related measures from reaching the convention, but that is not stopping the Minnesota South District from promoting their new vision for multiple campus ministries at the expense of selling their others off.

Here is the newest propaganda piece with ULC commentary.

ULC has about 20 days until they will be forced from their building, purchased for them by the saints of the Minnesota North and Minnesota South districts who saw the value in having pulpits and altars dedicated to serving college students with the Word and Sacraments.  This model is no longer appreciated and is instead being used to fund an Endowment so that the interest can fund these new models of campus ministry.

As I have suggested before, if this plan follows through and ULC is sold out from the congregation it was bought for, then each congregation or “ministry” that receives money from its sale should also receive some bricks of the building whose sale funded their ministry.  Perhaps those congregations may consider not accepting such money, or perhaps they would take a moral lesson from Judas about money obtained through betrayal.

As I suggested before, Psalm 10 :1-18 would be a good prayer for this situation.

Minnesota South District delegates, please remember ULC in your convention actions and voting.  No matter what “politics” are at play here, there is no reason for the men in charge of this action to continue working with their disregard for the people that make up the congregation of ULC.  That is just not servant leadership.  Matthew 20:25-27

Finally, as a positive bit of news, Rev. Bart Day, the head of the Office of National Mission at LCMS Inc. will be attending and preaching at ULC this Sunday.  I applaud Rev. Day for his vocal and physical support of ULC.
To help ULC in any of its future plans, please donate what you can HERE.


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