New MNS Documents Promote their vision of Campus Ministry – ULC Commentary.

There is currently a block on all pro-ULC related measures from reaching the convention, but that is not stopping the Minnesota South District from promoting their new vision for multiple campus ministries at the expense of selling their others off.

Here is the newest propaganda piece with ULC commentary.

ULC has about 20 days until they will be forced from their building, purchased for them by the saints of the Minnesota North and Minnesota South districts who saw the value in having pulpits and altars dedicated to serving college students with the Word and Sacraments.  This model is no longer appreciated and is instead being used to fund an Endowment so that the interest can fund these new models of campus ministry.

As I have suggested before, if this plan follows through and ULC is sold out from the congregation it was bought for, then each congregation or “ministry” that receives money from its sale should also receive some bricks of the building whose sale funded their ministry.  Perhaps those congregations may consider not accepting such money, or perhaps they would take a moral lesson from Judas about money obtained through betrayal.

As I suggested before, Psalm 10 :1-18 would be a good prayer for this situation.

Minnesota South District delegates, please remember ULC in your convention actions and voting.  No matter what “politics” are at play here, there is no reason for the men in charge of this action to continue working with their disregard for the people that make up the congregation of ULC.  That is just not servant leadership.  Matthew 20:25-27

Finally, as a positive bit of news, Rev. Bart Day, the head of the Office of National Mission at LCMS Inc. will be attending and preaching at ULC this Sunday.  I applaud Rev. Day for his vocal and physical support of ULC.
To help ULC in any of its future plans, please donate what you can HERE.


About Pastor Joshua Scheer

Pastor Joshua Scheer is the Senior Pastor of Our Savior Lutheran Church in Cheyenne, Wyoming. He is also the Editor-in-chief of Brothers of John the Steadfast. He oversees all of the work done by Steadfast Lutherans. He is a regular host of Concord Matters on KFUO. Pastor Scheer and his lovely wife Holly (who writes and manages the Katie Luther Sisters) have four children and enjoy living in Wyoming.


New MNS Documents Promote their vision of Campus Ministry – ULC Commentary. — 40 Comments

  1. Josh, just a note of correction. On the ULC’s commentary of the campus ministry piece, they stated that I was in favor of the sale of our building. That is not true. I have been considering how we might continue to do campus ministry since this idea of selling our property was proposed. I have specific plans in place if the mission needs to move on campus. I would rather have a building, however.

    I also wrote to Pr. Kind as well so a correction on their commentary can be made. I would assume that he will make that correction quickly.

    Thank you,

    Monte Meyer
    Campus Lutheran Chapel

  2. Rev Meyer,

    When is the closing date for the sale of the property in Mankato?

    I would suggest that you write a letter to the district recommending that at least they hold off on selling ULC until your property is sold.

    I think that would be fair to all sides. Further, it would put the onus on the convention versus a board of 13 or 14 people.

    What do you think about this proposal? I simply want to be fair to all sides.

    Pastor Nathan Raddatz

  3. I don’t favor the sale of any of our ULC facilities. It’s shortsighted and shortchanges the students and others who use them. It is a breach of the trust of the donors and supporters who built them in the first place. Furthermore, it takes an irreplaceable and paid-for property and sells it to fund ongoing expenses–always a death spiral.

    Additionally, the sale of ULCMN has an appearance of malice to it that makes it completely intolerable in the Church. It is evil to mortally attack a living Church. Although I don’t believe that we should sell the Mankato property in order to be ‘fair to all sides’, I do believe that Pastor Meyer’s vocal opposition to the sale of both properties would be welcome, helpful, and righteous. In fairness, such opposition may already be expressed and I may simply be unaware of it.

    ULC MN should have been given or at worst sold to the thriving congregation already worshipping there and the campus ministry that is so effective there. I pray that this outcome will still come to pass.

  4. Are those figures for the salary/benefits for this new district position (overseeing campus ministries) correct?

  5. @Monte Meyer #1

    In the May 17, 2011 MNS Board of Directors approved meeting minutes (, page 3, the 7th Whereas of the “Resolution Regarding Minnesota South District Campus Ministry Properties” states:

    “WHEREAS, Rev. Meyer is open to selling the Campus Lutheran Chapel property; therefore be it…” and then… “A vote was taken on the resolution itself. The motion was carried.” – bottom of page 3 and top of page 4

  6. What does ULC do May 1? What are their plans? I don’t see anything regarding this on their website.

  7. I find it remarkably naive that the MN South District now thinks that college students at the U of M will all have the initiative to seek a church that is located further away from campus. Yes, the committed students will, but the chapel isn’t for the committed students. It’s for the students who would otherwise not go to church if there wasn’t a chapel so close to campus.

  8. @Rev. Weinkauf #7

    ULC is actively working to secure a location on or near the Twin Cities campus of the University of Minnesota. ULC is still praying that it will not come to this, and that our gracious, risen Lord will look favorably on ULC and deliver her from the detestable decisions of the leadership of the MNS District.

    Please continue to pray for the people of ULC, for her pastor, Rev. David Kind, for the leadership of the MN South District, and continue to do all that you can to help ULC and stop this dreadfully wrong act.

    Lord have mercy.

  9. Has anyone seen the actual contract signed w/ Doran? There are generally clauses in this sort of agreement that stipulate fees and penalties for breaking it. I think it would be useful to put a dollar amount on keeping ULC open, and serving her Lord and His bride the Church in their present location. I don’t think it’s too late, and I suspect the real estate contract would confirm that.
    Is anyone working to break the MNS Convention “Block” on pro-ULC resolutions? To whom should I write, and who has the horsepower to open that process?

  10. @Matthew Mills #11

    Matthew – I doubt very much that a group so enamored with “executive sessions” is likely to share a contract document between themselves and Doran.

    Though, presumably, any member congregation could ask to see the document, if and only if, the BOD and District leadership are truly servants and answerable to the members of the District. Of course, there are bound to be rules and by-laws that would be invoked and reviewed… Don’t hold your breath for any show of openness and transparency from these people.

  11. @Former Anglican #12
    Might it help for Pastor Harrison to fraternally suggest that Dr. Seitz open the MNS Convention process up a bit, and entertain Pro-ULC resolutions? Would it be worth writing (another) letter to the SP?

  12. MNS convention delegates should know Robert’s Rules of Order frontwards, backwards, and upside-down, the order of precedence of motions, whether they can be interrupted, etc. Then use them to stop any gestapo-like management of the convention. It may even be possible to offer and second a motion to replace the convention chairman with a substitute chairman.

  13. So they will use the sale proceeds to create an endowment where the interest earned will be used to annually provide for campus ministry expansion. Let’s see, interest rates today are near 0% and in all likihood be low for a while longer. To get any type of return on a conservative investment, the funds will need to be invested in a longer term investment. A investment in insured bank/credit union CDs or the LCEF would yield around 1.65% for a 5 year term. If they invest the entire amount of the ULC sale proceeds of $3.5 million, $57,750 could be used to MULITIPLY MINISTRIES ON CAMPUS. Who came up with this idiotic plan? The BOD of the MNS District have alot of “Splaining to Do”! Such a large asset to sell with no input from the MNS Members! This is a crime!

  14. @Carl Vehse #15

    This is probably good advice, though assuming the sale goes forward, by the time of the convention, ULC will be in rented space, the 1101 University Ave SE property will have been demolished, and the lot will be a construction site. Even if the convention reverses this idiotic plan and gives ULC some appropriate level of compensation (enough to obtain a permanent location), the likelihood of that being on the U of MN campus seems dismal.

    @drobert #16

    Ah, the visionary leadership of MN South!

  15. @Robin #18
    From what I have read on the matter, every resolution that could be read “pro-ULC” has been rejected by both MNS and MNN Districts due to factual errors. Perhaps one with very little in the “WHEREAS” clauses could make it through, but who knows.

    It is a legalese trick to block things that you don’t want, rather than just offering up the resolution in the spirit it was offered with any “errors” corrected or removed.

  16. @ Monte Meyer #1
    Why would you want Pastor Kind to change something that is so clearly true? If you are not for the selling of your chapel, why don’t you speak out about it? Why don’t you do something about it?

    If Pastor Kind changes this, it will only show that he is being very kind and charitable to you. I can only imagine how frustrated he must be that you won’t speak out if you are truly against these sales.

  17. Monte Meyer :
    I have specific plans in place if the mission needs to move on campus. I would rather have a building, however.

    Did your plan come from a Willow Creek or Saddleback Church publication? Will you rent a lecture hall or a student union multipurpose room? How long do you think that a public, secular university will tolerate an LCMS pastor preaching politically incorrect theology to the students on State property.

    MNS has set a precedent for all other districts. MNS is the first but other districts will follow. Not a single campus ministry anywhere in the USA is safe. No, not one.

    No other church denomination is that stupid. The competitor churches of the LCMS are laughing at us Lutherans.

    It is now time to restructure all LCMS districts. If this is not done, then the abuse will continue.

  18. To be fair to Rev. Meyer, “being open to” something and “being in favor” of it are not the same thing. I am open to teaching the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade confirmation classes separately; that does not mean I want to do it.

  19. Rev. Meyer’s presentation to the MNS Board of Directors in the spring of 2011 included the suggestion that the ULC-Minneapolis property be sold at a substantial discount to the ULC congregation, along with an acknowledgement that he could get by without the Mankato building. I appreciate his treatment of each of these campus ministries as a different situation that should be individually addressed.

    The commercial sale of either property is tragically shortsighted but the two situations are indeed different. The ULC congregation is willing and able to take over the ongoing operation of the Minneapolis building and continue providing campus ministry at no cost to the district. No cost, that is, unless one considers the campus property that was paid for mostly with designated donations to be a generic, disposable financial asset of the district.

  20. Ted Crandall :
    @Monster Cable #24
    They were not simply “owners of a building selling building,” but stewards betraying trust.

    Rather a bit like a parent who has a son or daughter who, for one reason or another, will never be able to care for themselves and so puts property into the name of a trustee, perhaps a relative, and gives that trustee the responsibility to care for the child in the event of the parent’s death.

    And the trustee, upon receiving the money takes a trip to vegas instead, leaving the child destitute.

    Or parents who use the child support money for cigarettes and booze.

    Such people should not be in charge of children and such directors should not be in charge of Christ’s bride nor her congregations.

    Happy to sign my name to this one in full. (not planning to be called to Minnesota anyway)

  21. @Ted Crandall #25: “…stewards betraying trust.”

    Sounds pretty much like Art. XIII’s “persist in an offensive conduct.”

    Attention! Ecclesiastical supervision cleanup needed in aisle MNS.

  22. @Monte Meyer #1
    Dear Pr. Meyer,

    Have you not signed the “Mission Vision” political action group statements? One of them specifically says that they support the District’s Campus Ministry Plan, does it not? Does this not mean that you have signed something that says you support the sale of your own chapel and that of ULC?

  23. @Pastor Joshua Scheer #19

    Rev. Scheer-

    One of the two resolutions submitted by our circuit regarding ULC was returned to us by President Seitz with an explanatory letter accompanying it. He highlighted three of the four whereas statements as containing information that is “materially in error, or contains an apparent misrepresentation of truth or of character.” These three whereas statements are the position voiced by ULC and opposite to the position taken by the District; I am assuming that the CCM had ruled in September of 2011 in a way that upheld the District’s view…HOWEVER, I am not certain that a court of law would uphold that perspective but might not rather side with ULC’s interpretation of the “division of assets” and holding the property in trust, with MN North maintaining its interest in the property and ministry. I think it was under these assumptions that the resolution was submitted. For what it is worth, our District President indicated that he perceived a genuine concern in the resolution and would forward it on to the floor committee.

    Thank-you for continuing to bring ULC to the attention of the broader church, for doing so in a way that seeks to be fair and truthful, and doing so with a focus on prayer and other tangible means of support.

  24. What is the name and title of the person who will be the campus facilitator mentioned in the document? Is he a pastor? If so, where has he served and what are his qualifications?

  25. @Monster Cable #24
    I guess, to a degree at least, this comes down to your view of Christ’s presence in Word and Sacrament ministry. To those w/ a more Reformed misty-floaty view of how God works in our justification (folks who would say that the Holy Spirit comes to men however He wants) the comparison might look fairly overblown. From an AC V perspective however, it’s not too much of a stretch.
    If we’re right when we say “For through the Word and Sacraments, as through instruments, the Holy Ghost is given, who works faith;” if we are right to say that Jesus absolves and baptizes and preaches through His called and ordained pastors; if we are right to say that Jesus Christ is physically present in His Body and Blood on our altars; then it isn’t much of a stretch at all to say that an ecclesiastical supervisor who sells an altar and pulpit where Jesus truly IS, with no plan to provide for the sheep that the Holy Spirit has gathered around that altar and pulpit, has “sold our Lord” very much like Judas did. In both cases the actors were offended by an apparent “waste of resources” that could be sold, and put to better use: Judas in the anointing of Jesus, and Dr. Seitz and his BOD in providing an expensive church building for Word and Sacrament ministry to poor students. (For that matter, we could also make a valid comparison between Dr. Seitz’ actions and St. James’ warning not to ‘say to the poor man, “You stand over there,” or, “Sit down at my feet”.’ James 2:1-7)
    When out of financial necessity a Church is sold by wise stewards who love Jesus sheep, provision is made for those sheep. That could easily have been done w/in the contract selling the property, but instead the sheep have been left to fend for themselves. This action is first and foremost an attack against the Word and Sacrament ministry of ULC Minnesota, by men who have been attacking it unsuccessfully for decades. Make no mistake; an attack against God’s means of grace IS an attack against the Lord who promises to be found in those means.

    Pax Christi+,
    -Matt Mills
    ULC ’85

  26. @Monster Cable #24

    Reminder:  Minnesota Lutherans of my generation didn’t contribute generously to build this student center as a gift to the district. It clearly was for the students.

    “When Princess Juliana of the Netherlands watched a parade of her subjects from a balcony in the royal palace, she asked her mother: “Do all those people belong to us?” “No,” replied Queen Wilhelmin, “we belong to all those people.” All these young people at the University do not belong to us. We belong to them. May the love of Christ constrain us all to give freely and liberally for the Centennial Thank offering and for the hoped-for, planned-for, and prayed-for University Chapel.”

    – Rev. Rudolph Norden, University Lutheran Pastor, June 1947

  27. How soon is another sermon [with no comments] going to replace this timely topic?

    How soon is Pastor Don Kirchner going to be shoved under the bus for asking embarrassing questions? And is BJS going to pass by on the other side in silence out of deference to the DPs?

    If you think we come here to read multiple sermons, I hope you will think again. I’ve had CAT41 for years and now can read/hear three sermons from Pastors I am acquainted with, on line, as well.

    We’ve got the Witless, which didn’t even recognize Easter this year, I’m told, [mine is still in transit] so perhaps you have performed a service in that area. [The “LW” has been famous for telling everything but what we should know. Is it heading in that direction again? Are you?]

    I agree that the “removed” discussion had gotten circular and comment probably should have been closed. I’m not so sure it should be buried, so those who wish to can pretend the subject of it never happened.

  28. Pastor Sikora’s messages are better than outstanding.  There are no comments because there is no controversy.  How can you speak to blinding truth?

    “Cast aside your distractions.  Focus your heart and mind.  Go deeper into the scriptures.  Apply this word.  Ask questions.  Grow. Learn.  Mature.  And don’t focus on being “spiritual”.  Focus on Christ and what He offers you through His Word and Sacraments. Believe!  Trust!  Cling to Christ!”

  29. Let me see…..

    Should the now homeless ULC find space on campus, then the MNS district will find itself embroiled in yet another controversy similar to this one:

    If Vanderbilt can interfere with various campus ministries, then campus ministries at other universities are also not safe.

    When will the LCMS districts learn?

    It is time to restructure the districts before they destroy the LCMS with their dated Church Growth Movement ideas.

  30. @Rev. Matthew Johnson #30

    Rev. Matthew Johnson wrote:

    > I am assuming that the CCM had ruled in September of 2011 in a way that upheld the District’s view

    The CCM did not issue a ruling; it declined to answer the questions as posed. The MNS district leaders have been citing this ever since as “in their favor”, when in fact the CCM simply did not respond to the substance of the questions.

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