Great Stuff — Concordia Theological Seminary Choir Sings for International Center Chapel Service

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The Kantorei is a 16-voice choir of seminarians studying at Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne (CTS). The Rev. Kantor Richard C. Resch founded and still directs the choir, who tours each year throughout the United States and who also recently released a CD of Easter hymnody entitled, “He is Risen Indeed! Alleluia!” On April 13, 2012, these students, who are all studying for the Office of the Holy Ministry, sang for the first time at the International Center, St. Louis, Mo., during the chapel service. The Rev. Dr. Timothy C. J. Quill, dean of students and dean of international studies at CTS, served as preacher.

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Great Stuff — Concordia Theological Seminary Choir Sings for International Center Chapel Service — 5 Comments

  1. Thank you Norm for putting this video on BJS. I’ve heard the CTS Kantorei several times and they sound wonderful, as always. What I really liked was hearing Matins sung. I love singing the Venite and Te Deum and I don’t have a lot of opportunities to sing them in a corporate worship service. I was taught these two gems of the Church many years ago by a faithful Lutheran school teacher. Thanks again for posting.

  2. I wish they would broadcast like this every day — are you lurking Bill Weedon? Our congregation is just not large enough to have daily Matins, but it would be so wonderful to be able to listen in. Fort Wayne does have their services on their website but there is no video and the sound is not nearly this good. St. Louis has their sermons only available through iTunes, but I enjoy listening to the liturgy and hymns. Come to think of it, it would be GREAT to have a regular rotating “round robin” of LCMS chapel services available through the Synod’s web site each day, something like Monday the International Center, Tuesday Fort Wayne, Wednesday St. Louis, Thursday and Friday rotate among Mequon, Seward, River Forest, etc. I bet all these schools have the ability to do this. They could feature their choirs, etc. I bet if you got that organized and publicized it would be wildly popular and could be a great blessing for the Synod.

  3. Kevin, You can listen to Matins every morning, Monday-Friday on KFUO between 7:05-7:30 a.m. right now. And what you have suggested is “in the works” so to speak.

  4. I didn’t realize the new schedule had started. The KFUO web site still has the old schedule and program info.

    Is it Matins with a live congregation? That’s what is so nice about this video. Actually, just having a fixed camera in the IC chapel and broadcasting like this each day would be nice. Rather than being chapel only for the IC employees, it could transformed to serve the entire Synod as “chapel” for workers (and laity) across the Synod. That could be a great blessing in so many ways!

    You could then have the Synod’s best preachers, as well as guest organists, choirs, handbell choirs, instrumentalists, etc. from congregations, parochial schools, high schools, and the seminaries and universities, come to the IC to be featured on the “LCMS Chapel Channel.” If done well, with the best quality liturgy, music, and preaching, it could be hugely popular. Seems like it should be fairly easy to do technically. And it is nice to have video, not just audio. The quality of both the picture and especially the sound is wonderful.

    By the way, is that President Harrison’s curly coif in the bottom right corner of the opening screen — or was Tom Selleck (or Gene Shalit) visiting that day? 🙂

  5. Thanks for informing us of the programming from 7:05 to 7:30. I normally tune in at 10:00 or thereafter. What a delight I listened this Friday morn. Had not been on the internet for a little while and had much to catch up on Steadfast. I have and AM telling others about this. Thanks for putting this notification on Steadfast. Usually am listening to news of the morning..but that can wait.I still wish they had never taken off the daily chapel service from the Seminary. But again thanks for this early devotion.

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