Forty Days and Nineveh shall be overthrown!

Far from putting ULC in the place of Nineveh, this post is about the fact that ULC-Minneapolis has forty days left before they have to vacate their building.  I cannot believe that in our Synod I have to talk about a congregation being evicted from their normal church building by the District given to “assist congregations and their members in conserving and promoting the unity of the faith and in carrying out their [the congregation and their members] mission and ministry”  (2010 Handbook, page 29, Bylaw 1.3.3).

That means there are forty days left for many things to happen, here are some options that are out there:

ULC raises funds to have a viable option after they are evicted from their church building (by their own District).  DONATE.

MN South District looks at the situation and God gives them compassion for it, causing a change in their course of action, giving up their show of right for the greater good of souls who are ministered to at that place.

Other legal actions stall things out.

MN South District decides to let this issue be placed upon the Agenda of their convention.

There are most likely more options known better by those involved in the situation.  Please keep Pr. Kind and his congregation of ULC in your prayers.  Please also pray for those in power in MN South, knowing that at one point God took a people like the Assyrians and caused them to repent.

Strange thing, today I was reading the Large Catechism on the fourth petition of the Lord’s Prayer (daily bread) in which Luther states that good government is the greatest need for daily bread.  I guess that pertains to church governments as well.

Forty days, a Biblical number.

Psalm 2:10-11

UPDATE:  There is a new annotated document from ULC which gives comment to the MNS District “correcting” errors from a circuit of the MNN District (way to go Superior Circuit – you guys rock.).  See the document here.



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