ULC MN Comments on MNS BoD minutes and “faulty” resolution for convention.

University Lutheran Chapel has posted on their website two new documents, one which addresses the board minutes from December, and another which comments on a proposed resolution written by a member of the Minnesota South Board of Directors which has acted to sell the property that ULC has so faithfully used to provide Word and Sacrament ministry to countless students for decades.

Here is the commented resolution for MN South District Convention.

Here is the commented minutes of the Board of Directors December meeting.

The resolution’s resolved phrases tell it well.  Supporters of ULC are encouraged to support it, but those properties need to be sold!  There is not even a resolved to give some of the proceeds of the sale to ULC – oh the charity!  But then again, the minutes of the Board of Directors show their unwillingness to share the wealth.

Here is the link to put your wallet where your confession is.

Save ULCs!  (Yes, ULC in Los Angeles still could use support)


One of the fruits of this effort has been a renewed Synodical interest in campus ministries.  While I support such an effort, it appears that many have decided to let ULC MN serve as a martyr for the cause.  Wouldn’t it be great if this new national campus endeavor purchased a new chapel location for ULC?  With their Synodical fundraising capacities, it could happen.  Just thinking out loud.

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