President Harrison to Address US House Committee on the Obama Healthcare Ruling Tomorrow Morning, by Pr. Rossow

We just heard that President Harrison will be addressing a House Committee in Washington DC tomorrow on the recent Obama healthcare ruling.

You can watch it live at 9:30 Eastern time by clicking on the Witness-Mercy-Life Together blog. You can also read more about it there.

President Harrison has cultivated solid relationships which have opened such doors. We are not surprised since he has such a warm yet firm countenance and bearing. Some on this blog have criticized Harrison and others for being too involved in political matters. We have seen no evidence however, that shakes our confidence that Harrison knows full well Luther’s distinction between the right and left hand kingdoms and will make sure that it is the preaching of Christ crucified that is at the heart and core of the church and that such public appearances as this, as important as they are for making sure that Caesar fulfills his vocation, are secondary.

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