Line Up for “No Pietest Allowed Parties” and Last Chance to Register for BJS Conference, by Pr. Rossow

Registration for the annual BJS conference closes tomorrow night. The conference is being held in Naperville, Illinois this Friday and Saturday and features Revs. Fisk, Wolfmueller and Scheer speaking on a BJS distinctive – the new Lutheran media. Registrations are flowing in briskly but it is not too late to join in the fun.

Speaking of fun, much fun is had every year at our “No Pietists Allowed Parties.” Here is the line-up for this year.

Pastor Fisk and the Ninja Cigar Party – There won’t be any incense at our vespers service but there will be plenty of smoke at the cigar party. Join Jonathan Fisk as he and his fellow BJS’ers make a stink and stir up a cloud of smoke at one of our local tobacco shops. The party starts immediately after Vespers (around 8 PM). The tobacco shop has a dozen or so comfy seats and a large selection of smokes. Fisk warns that you may not actually see the ninjas because you don’t know they are there until you are dead.

Quigley’s Irish Pub – Bethany Associate Pastor Stephen Schumacher will be leading a group down to the local Irish Pub to raise a few pints of Guinness. The party starts right after Vespers. Quigley’s is in quaint downtown Naperville, the home of several other establishments with few pietist patrons.

Chicago’s Finest Micro Brews – Our annual wine-tasting party will be at its usual place, hosted by the Gavins but instead of hoity-toity wines, we will be drinking hoity-toity micro brews. There will be three of Chicago’s finest micro brews to choose from all on tap: Goose Island “312,” Two Brothers “Prairie Path Ale,” and Two Brothers “Resistance IPA.” We are also getting a case of fine red wine and a case of fine white wine for those who don’t “hop.”

As always we will have lots of fun and great camaraderie with the brothers and the sistern! See you in Naperville this Friday and Saturday.

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