BJS Reader Believes Rep. Lankford Calls Out the Hidden Agenda in Washington

BJS reader Joe Strieter has been scratching his head and thinking through a lot of things in regards to the politics of the last few weeks culminating with President Harrison’s appearance at the house of representatives hearing yesterday. Here are his thoughts:

Congressman James Lankford (R-OK) summarized the issue, and put things in brilliant perspective. I was so struck by his speech that I took an hour, replayed the segment and transcribed the speech. I had to add some bracketed words or phrases in order that things mad sense. He put his finger on what I believe is the Hidden Agenda in this debacle: abortion on demand.

Session 2 of the hearings can be found here:

[youtube uj1l8suFE68]

Transcript from 1hr 20mins into the above:

Rep. Lankford:
“There is nothing in currently this [mandate, as to] how it’s being practiced from not continuing to press forward. Let me give you a good example of that. ‘The Secretary [of H.H.S.] shall…make these decisions,’ opens it up that within a year or two to say, ‘Currently we’re forcing all these different providers to provide abortifacients, contraception, and sterilization for free.’ Under the guise of ‘full reproductive rights’ there’s nothing to stop the Secretary from stepping in two years from now and saying, ‘Now all institutions will cover abortions—the procedure—for free.’ There is nothing in this [mandate] that restrains that, because it’s not the Federal Government paying for it. So you say, ‘There’s the Hyde Amendment, wait a minute!’ No—this is stepping in and saying, ‘Those insurance companies will provide [women’s reproductive services] for free, and so we’ll step in between the contract between the religious institution and the insurance company they’ve contracted with and say, “We’ll redefine the contract for you because I know you’re religious and you don’t know enough to know this is right, and we’ll tell you that this is the right thing to do and here is your new faith.”’ Your new faith is you cover these things because it’s the right thing to do. Your new faith will be that you cover abortion at some future day because that’s the right thing to do—to give the full range of reproductive health. And you can say, ‘That’s some strange sort of conspiracy,’ but quite frankly, we have just watched the Catholic bishops lose a contract for taking care of human trafficking, after they [received] tremendously high scores, because of one reason: they would not encourage abortions. Nothing covered abortions for them—they would not say to the people they were taking care of, ‘There is a place to go to get an abortion.’ And because they wouldn’t do that, they lost a contract. This is a religious [issue]….Long term this has serious consequences regardless of who is the President at some future day. What is the role of the Church in that?”

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