Another new blogger for BJS

As Pr. Rossow noted a few weeks ago (see here) we are adding new writers to BJS in order to provide some new content and resources for our audience.  This is my first contribution to this effort (many more to come in the future).  It is my pleasure to introduce our newest writer, Pastor Joshua Gale of Philedelphia Lutheran Ministries.

Pastor Joshua Gale was born in Danville, IL, and later studied at Illinois State University, graduating with a degree in Philosophy in 2007. He then began his studies toward ordination into the Office of the Holy Ministry at Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, IN.  Pastor Gale served a summer vicarage at a rural church plant in Hartford City, IN, and later a vicarage in Gary, IN, as an urban missionary to the poor of Gary. Pastor Gale now serves as a missionary pastor with Philadelphia Lutheran Ministries (see here for website), developing urban mission plans for mercy work and church planting in Philadelphia. He and his wife Amanda have two children, Zechariah and Katharina.

Many of you may be well acquainted with Pastor Gale’s work, as it has been highlighted in “For the Life of the World” [November 2011] (the magazine released by Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne) and he is also very good at keeping folks updated as to his status on Facebook (where I first met him).

We are blessed to have Pr. Gale writing regularly for us here at BJS, and hope that you enjoy and learn from what he writes as well.

Stay tuned this week for his first post!


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