#1 reason to give our Synod President some slack (and applause)…

There are some confessional Lutherans who have expressed their criticism of various things that President Harrison has done or not done.  After this past few weeks, I will say that I have found a new level of patience due to what I think is an unprecedented task that our Synod President has to deal with.  No – I am not talking about restructuring.  No – I am not talking about renegade districts doing as they please regardless of how it affects our Witness, Mercy, or Life Together.  I am talking about the unprecedented offensive of Caesar upon the Church in our day.

I am pretty sure that only Wyneken or Walther would have faced something even remotely close to this from an American Presidential administration during the Civil War.  President Harrison has to be not only looking into our own Synod, but has to now be fending off Caesar and all of the attempts to trample upon the Church (of course by trampling upon the Constitution and Bill of Rights as well).

As this past week has shown, President Harrison is definitely the man for the job, appointed for this time to lead our Synod.  We may truly be entering a “21st century early christianity” period of persecution and hostility to those of faith.

Thank you President Harrison for your wonderful confession before the powers that be.

A close #2 may be his striking resemblance to a former president.

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