#1 reason to give our Synod President some slack (and applause)…

There are some confessional Lutherans who have expressed their criticism of various things that President Harrison has done or not done.  After this past few weeks, I will say that I have found a new level of patience due to what I think is an unprecedented task that our Synod President has to deal with.  No – I am not talking about restructuring.  No – I am not talking about renegade districts doing as they please regardless of how it affects our Witness, Mercy, or Life Together.  I am talking about the unprecedented offensive of Caesar upon the Church in our day.

I am pretty sure that only Wyneken or Walther would have faced something even remotely close to this from an American Presidential administration during the Civil War.  President Harrison has to be not only looking into our own Synod, but has to now be fending off Caesar and all of the attempts to trample upon the Church (of course by trampling upon the Constitution and Bill of Rights as well).

As this past week has shown, President Harrison is definitely the man for the job, appointed for this time to lead our Synod.  We may truly be entering a “21st century early christianity” period of persecution and hostility to those of faith.

Thank you President Harrison for your wonderful confession before the powers that be.

A close #2 may be his striking resemblance to a former president.


#1 reason to give our Synod President some slack (and applause)… — 58 Comments

  1. I agreed with the direction that our former synodical president was moving the LCMS. I very much oppose the current trip back to the 15th, 16th and 19th century that we are taking in our time machine……

    Having said that, I think that President Harrison’s adeptness at using (and knowing how to use) the social and news technologies now available is a gift that will (probably to his dismay) place him and the LCMS at the center of some highly necessary battles in a rapidly changing culture.

    The synod before pretty much had a record of “press releases” that reach very few people. Also, in other times, the nation would have only heard the very biased news reporting of the “panel”. When the truth reaches out through arenas such as FaceBook and YouTube, millions will hear the real truth of what goes on in Washington meetings concerning the faith.

    President Harrison’s use of media, and his recognition of its power in getting the truth out to the gerneral populace is a leap in communication for the LCMS.

    His appearance in Washington, whether with non-LCMS Lutherans or not, or even with a “glitch” or two in his statements, is a great witness to the United States and to the world that we stand with faiths that face governemt persecution–for this is only the beginning.

    Those of you who nitpik his appearance have obviously never been in the situation that he faced, nor do you understand the danger that faces the Christian faith in the United States in these times. Perhaps you should step out of your church walls from time to time to observe the world surrounding your comfortable pulpit?

    Standing in the public eye supporting God’s word is of far more importance right now than wondering what Walther would have done in 1849. We must carry God’s truth into this century as President Harrison has–with the courage that today’s culture can understand.

  2. @Sue Grabe Wilson #51

    Those of you who nitpik his appearance

    Some of it is nitpicking. Some of what is being picked is not nits, however, I’ll grant. But whether nits or no, to Pres Harrison’s critics, show us the manuscript of the 5 minute speech you would have made before the Committee. You’ve criticized his. Show us yours.

  3. @Sue Grabe Wilson #50 YES IT IS. There is an impeachment remedy for these traitorous justices and YET no Congressperson has the guts to bring it forward. Citing foreign law or foreign constitutions to support your opinion as a SCJ is akin to supporting Christian doctrine by refererencing the Egyptian Book of The Dead. It is not only irrational it is treasonous.

  4. @mbw #49 OK I bet if this imposition continues and Harrison goes before them again he will drop the “please” and be far less kind! At least I hope he would. I do commend him for standing firm as this imposition is not only unconstitutional for “people of faith” but for any person to be forced to buy anything against their will is anathema in our Republic and portends even greater tyranny than we now live with.

    ref=”#comment-289491″>@mbw #49

  5. @Sue Grabe Wilson #51

    I agreed with the direction that our former synodical president was moving the LCMS. I very much oppose the current trip back to the 15th, 16th and 19th century that we are taking in our time machine……

    Our former president was moving us rapidly in the direction of generic protestantism and (IMnsvHO) union with the ***A. He was fascinated with “big” (although in fact the synod shrank faster under him than it had before).

    I prefer to be confessional Lutheran not “lino”.
    There are plenty of denominations in which to be something else.
    Anyone who does not want to be Lutheran should find their preference and leave us Lutherans to Scripture (BC; AD 1-400) and the Confessions (AD 1580).
    Where I hope we’re going is back to who we are.

  6. In his blog, My trip into the Monkey Cage, Pres. Harrison stated:

    “So…. I was just minding my own business when last Tuesday the call came from D.C. “We want you to testify on the HHS provisions.” Hmmmmmmmmm….. Nuts! I’ve got a ton of work to do! LCMS Board of Directors’ the next day, then the Southern Illinois District Convention, then Council of Presidents. Congressman Issa’s staff were making the inquiry. Thought about it for a bit. Staff thought yes, no, maybe. I’d just been in D.C. with LCMS friends. They were lamenting the absence of our voice in D.C. Couldn’t let them down at this point. OK, I’ll go.”

    According to Pres. Harrison’s statements, one can conclude he was not under a subpoena. The fact that he also appeared without his own lawyer further confirmed this.

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