Choir at 2012 BJS International Conference

Choir at the 2010 BJS International Conference

Liturgy Solutions just posted a copy of the Introit that will be sung at the conference Divine Service. Let Cantor Magness know if you’d like to participate in the choir this year. And let your choir director know about this resource. Just think, your choir could sing the same setting of the Introit the next day back at your home congregation, bringing a taste of the conference to your own parish.

Also to be sung at the conference is a setting of Psalm 30 by Stephen R. Johnson, led by the conference choir. At the end of the service, we’ll all sing A Mighty Fortress, with the choir singing a special arrangement of the third stanza by Jeffrey Blersch. These pieces are also available through Liturgy Solutions.

If you want to join the choir, you will be sent a copy of the music for the event and are expected to practice it before the weekend. You will also have to miss the last 15 minutes or so of Pastor Bryan Wolfmueller’s presentation; you are asked to join the choir for practice 30 minutes before the Divine Service. Check the schedule here for more information.

Whether you sing in the choir or not, be ready to sing your hearts out: the Divine Service will be almost entirely a cappella this year. We’ll have organ and brass for Vespers Friday night, but the Divine Service will model a service without organ, to encourage brothers in parishes with limited musical resources and uphold the voices of the baptized as the singers of the Lord’s song. If you’ve never sung DS III (LSB) a cappella before, be ready for a treat. You will be renewed in your appreciation of liturgy and hymnody as the folk song of the Lutheran church.

Be sure to register now if you haven’t yet done so. There are quite a number of events you won’t want to miss; click here for more information.

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