The divided house of Missouri – in the same week the sems divided over SMP.

I am not sure how a schizophrenic can “walk together” but this past week has been interesting.  On the one hand, Pr. Rossow reported the strong words of CTS President Rast concerning the SMP and residential seminary education.  In the same week, the advancement office of CSL promoted media stories of a famous man being a part of SMP.  This article is not about that man, but that this past week is symptomatic of the divisions in the LCMS.  If the two chief institutions producing pastors for our Synod are at such poles, then what will that reflect in our Synod?  Or is the status of the seminaries just a symptom of what has already happened in Synod (chicken and egg I guess).

More than that, how can we talk about unity in our Synod when all the while having the divisions we have?  It seems almost like we have to speak out of both sides of our mouths in order to affirm things like that.  Can Jesus’ words about a house divided apply to our situation?

Something has to give I would imagine, because even in this case, there is really no compromise, either there will be SMP or not.  Many of the arguments against it would be valid in any non-residential situation.  SMP is just one of those areas, and sadly most of them are not areas where compromise is possible.  The Koinonia project has a mighty task indeed.



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