Another faithful Chapel sacrificed to District finances?

NOTE:  This has been shared on Facebook by people who attend congregations of the PSW District.  I have talked to the PSW office and ULC has the “potential” of being sold, but that there are a number of properties that may be sold to offset the debt of the District.

It appears that the Synod’s real estate business continues to grow.  The Pacific Southwest District has decided to possibly sell their campus ministry property (University Lutheran Chapel) at UCLA.  This comes as another ULC is being sold in Minnesota.  Apparently there is a need to offset a debt accrued by the Pacific Southwest District.

ULC in Los Angeles has a web page here:

The pastor of ULC is Rev. Mark Jasa who appeared on Issues Etc. last September.  Listen to it here.

The Pacific Southwest District of the LCMS has a web page also:

The District President of the PSW District is Rev. Dr. Larry Stoterau.

The PSW District Board of Directors directory is here.

Apparently the budget situation for the PSW District is requiring other cuts as well. See page 1 and 2 of this.  Please keep those who are losing their positions in your prayers.

Please include the students of UCLA that are served the Gospel in this location in your prayers, as well as Rev. Mark Jasa, the campus pastor at ULC.

SAVE ULC’s!  (yes we have to make it plural now )


A few quick observations:

Does everyone see the cannibalistic precedent set by ULC MN now?  Those who can still work through their District conventions should consider ways in which this cancerous precedent can be stopped.

What does a District do in order to find themselves so woefully in debt that they have to sell off churches, altars, and pulpits?

All of the national effort at supporting and organizing campus ministry is laudable, but is this going to finally convince someone that polite discourse will not fix all of the problems?

What other solutions than selling off pulpits and altars can be a solution to the debt crisis going on in Districts?


More information to come I am sure, if you have any, please post it below in the comments.



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