New “draft” minutes of MNS District BOD meeting are public…

See the minutes here:

Some of my thoughts:

Apparently, the company purchasing ULC is willing to have chapel and office space for ULC to continue (for a price?).

Also, there is a very “pious” note on 1 Peter 3:11 and the MNS District trying to make peace with ULC.  Apparently that means that they are going to hold “up to” $250K for ULC to relocate upon several conditions.  Nothing like being a peacemaker with preconditions for anything to take place.  I am glad that God doesn’t operate this way.

MNS is unwilling to go over $250K in gifts to ULC, they wouldn’t approve 10% (roughly $320K of the $3.2 million the District will profit from the sale of this house of God).  Hey, they are only losing the building they have worshiped in for decades – why should they even get 7% (of course they have some hoops to jump through to even get that)?

“Executive Session” can be a useful tool, but I am suspicious of it being used to mask the plots and plans of men.

Apparently President Harrison was not wanted by the District to help bring reconciliation, but Ambassadors of Reconciliation was acceptable.  I wonder why we are not using our Ecclesiastical Supervisors to help establish unity and re-establish concord?  I have no real experience with Ambassadors of Reconciliation, so I don’t know their theology and the methodology that grows out of it.  Also, in order for there to be reconciliation, wouldn’t there have to be an admission of guilt (confession of sin)?  Also – wouldn’t that penitence manifest itself in seeking to right the wrong?  How about 100% of the sale go to help the congregation relocate (but of course then why sell at all?)?  That might demonstrate a willingness for true, G0d-pleasing reconciliation.  Rejecting a bid for 10% to go to ULC doesn’t seem to fit with this desire to “reconcile”.


Lastly, donate to the SAVE ULC capital campaign.

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