Luther’s Birthday, Free Conferences, and Gas Prices

A few weeks ago many WELS, ELS, LCMS and even some other Lutherans gathered on Luther’s birthday to have a Free Conference in the great city of New Ulm, MN (a town found in my ancestry along with the great town of Courtland just outside New Ulm –  and also a great town known for its original Civil War cannons which were not scrapped in WW1 due to hiding them from the government – didn’t want to be involved in shooting at the Kaiser).

A great interest of mine is attempting to re-establish a confessional Lutheran Synodical Conference, and these Free Conferences (like the Emmaus Conference this year) are a great step that God may use to create such a relationship between the Synods again.  These conferences are allowing our theologians to get together and discuss our problems with each other in a hopefully fruitful way (the fruit is God’s work).

With distance from Cheyenne to New Ulm being what it is, and those gas prices (drill baby drill), I was not able to attend, but many of my LCMS counterparts made it, and some of my ELS friends did as well.  Prof. John Pless, one of the respondents at the conference let me know that the papers are now available online for those of us who were not allowed to be there for the conference.  Enjoy reading them – after all Advent is a good time to do some extra reading.

The papers can be found here.



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