Obama has Greater Support than Lane Seitz Does – Resolution of Minnesota North District Pastors, by Pr. Rossow

I read a poll this morning that says that only 35% of Americans think Barack Obama will be re-elected. Contrast that with a vote today at the Minnesota North Pastors Conference against the action of President Lane Seitz and the Board of Directors of the Minnesota South District to sell the property of the University Lutheran Chapel. The voice vote of the motion below was an estimated 95% plus in favor. Barack Obama has it all over President Seitz and his board according to the pastors up north.

What are President Seitz and his board thinking? Hopefully at next years Minnesota South District convention the delegates will ask themselves if the Gospel is any better off this year in Southern Minnesota than it was three years ago (to mimic Ronald Reagan’s famous question) and then realize that it has taken quite a hit from President Seitz and his Board and then vote them out.

Here is the motion that was passed at the conference convened at Lutheran Island Camp, Henning,  Minnesota today.

MNN District Fall Pastors Conference
October 4, 2011

WHEREAS, the Minnesota South District (MNS) Board of Directors (BOD) has recently taken actions and executed an agreement to sell the property on the campus of the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, used for the past 62 years by University Lutheran Chapel (ULC); and

WHEREAS, the Joint Minnesota South/Minnesota North Districts Pastors Conference (May 11, 2011, Brainerd, MN) had requested that the MNS BOD bring this entire matter before the MNS District in convention to deliberate and determine an appropriate course of action regarding the sale of the ULC property; and

WHEREAS, the decision to sell the Lutheran Student Center by the MNS District BOD has resulted in tension, divisions, and a disruption to our life together; therefore be it

RESOLVED, that the Minnesota North District (MNN) 2011 Fall Pastors Conference humbly express its sincere sadness at the outcomes of these actions of the MNS BOD; and be it further

RESOLVED, that the MNS BOD be urged to communicate caringly and clearly and further explain its rationale, and, if at all possible, reverse or delay its recent decisions regarding ULC, so that the matter may considered by the MNS District Convention; and be it further

RESOLVED, that encouragement be given to individuals, congregations, circuits, and districts across the LCMS to offer solutions to sustain the ongoing ministry and mission of ULC; and be it finally

RESOLVED, that the MNN 2011 Fall Pastors Conference encourage all to fervently pray that the Lord of the Church bless the outcomes of these deliberations and decisions concerning ULC.
Action: Adopted

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