Stand up and “testify”. The impact of ULC/CLC

Here is my attempt to allow others to see the widespread impact of God’s work through the University Lutheran Chapel in Minneapolis and Campus Lutheran Chapel of Mankato, Minnesota – recently given the axe by the Minnesota South District.

I went to Minnesota State University, Mankato and attended CLC for one of those years (my first year) and received sound preaching and teaching from Rev. Mick Matthews.  At the end of the year, the District contemplated shutting it down, and Rev. Matthews was called to another parish, and Rev. Monte Meyer was called by the District to serve the CLC.  Rev. Meyer brought in a different style of campus ministry, one which I could theologically disagree with now, but at that point I only knew it didn’t seem right, so I attended at my home congregation more often.  CLC provided a great help to me and my faith in Jesus during that first year.

I also know of many who have been influenced by ULC.  I am a second-degree recipient of such influence.  Longtime pastor of ULC, Professor John T. Pless was one of my most influential instructors at Concordia Theological Seminary, where he still teaches.  My first RA in the dorms came right out of ULC.  During vicarage I also got to know the mother of now Pastor Kind of the ULC.  Upon being placed out of seminary in northern Minnesota, my Circuit Counselor was a ULC alumni who actually became a pastor because of ULC’s sound teaching and ministry to the students of the University of Minnesota.  I also believe that while my middle child was sick in the children’s hospital that Pastor Kind came and visited my wife and child as I was driving through a blizzard to get there with my other child.

That is what I have experienced from those two campus ministries.  Some may say that “campus ministry doesn’t need a building” but in all honesty that is a false statement when we already own prime locations to use as gathering points for campus ministry.  If these were just start-ups we may have an argument to start, but both of these are long-established, with ULC actually being constituted as a congregation.


Please use your comments to give your “testimony” of the impact of either ULC or CLC.  Let the Board of Directors, President Sietz, and all those who wish to sell such properties know just what they are throwing away.  You cannot serve both God and Mammon.



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