Place Small Catechism in the Public Domain

I’m setting up a method of posting some overtures on our website; I hope to have a method of accessing them shortly. For now I’ve posted two overtures for your comment.

These can be submitted to your district conventions, or with minor modifications can be submitted by your church or circuit forums to the synodical convention in 2013.

Please submit other overtures that you would like to see publicized to others to me by clicking here.

This overture was prepared to be submitted to one District. If you want to submit it to your district, change the text in the resolved to indicate your district.



WHEREAS, the text of Luther’s Small Catechism is the primary teaching tool of the Lutheran Church; and

WHEREAS, the text is intended to be used in the home and church, and spread abroad as freely as possible; and

WHEREAS, the Scriptures themselves encourage us to write the text of the catechism on our doors and walls (Deuteronomy 6:6ff, see Luther’s Preface to the Large Catechism, 141); and

WHEREAS, wherever the catechism is read, studied, printed, sung, written, posted, repeated and learned, the Holy Spirit produces the fruit of faith and love; and

WHEREAS, the congregations of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod in love for one another and the unity of the Spirit have a common translation of the Small Catechism (1986); and

WHEREAS, the copyright limitations placed on the 1986 translation of Luther’s Small Catechism limit its distribution (for example, on the Internet, church websites, catechism study books and worksheets, audio recordings, posters and artwork, etc.); therefore be it

RESOLVED, that the congregations of the (your District) memorialize the Synod in convention to direct the Board of Directors of Concordia Publishing House to place the 1986 translation of Luther’s Small Catechism into the public domain.

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