Maintain Current Circuits


WHEREAS, the ((DISTRICT)) Board of Directors has recommended a realignment of visitation circuits within the district; and

WHEREAS, this realignment has been proposed in part because the dissolution of one or more congregations in the district is possible, perhaps resulting in one or more visitation circuits that do not meet the criteria for an electoral circuit; and

WHEREAS, it is not known which congregations, if any, will actually be dissolved, and so it is also unknown which circuits, if any, need to be realigned; and

WHEREAS, many congregations within the current circuits have developed long-term relationships, some of which will be affected by the proposed realignment; and

WHEREAS, congregations have not had the opportunity to comment on the realignment that has been proposed; and

WHEREAS, synod bylaws permit the district to combine adjacent visitation circuits, if necessary, to form an electoral circuit for representation at the synod convention; therefore, be it

RESOLVED, that the ((DISTRICT)) at this time will make no changes to the current circuit structure; and be it finally

RESOLVED, that, if a current visitation circuit should fail to meet the criteria for an electoral circuit, the ((DISTRICT)) in convention hereby authorizes the District Board of Directors to combine adjacent visitation circuits, as necessary, to create electoral circuits, in accord with synodical bylaws.

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