Faithful use of LSB


Whereas in 2006, the LCMS published Lutheran Service Book; and

Whereas this book has proven a great blessing to our Synod not only in the richness of its presentation of the Gospel but in its ability to unify our Synod’s worship practices; and

Whereas the LSB provides for a great variety of ceremonial, from quite simple to richly ornate; and

Whereas it would be difficult to imagine the worship needs of any congregation of the ((DISTRICT)) could not be adequately met from this hymnal or its predecessor volumes (LW, TLH);


RESOLVED that the ((DISTRICT)), gathered in convention, gives thanks and praise to God for the gift that LSB has been to us; and further be it

RESOLVED that ((DISTRICT)), gathered in convention, encourages all its parishes toward a rich and full use of this book in congregational worship, home and school; and be it finally

RESOLVED that the ((DISTRICT)), gathered in convention, beseeches all its congregations for the sake of our walking together in love and in the exercise of Christian freedom to honor by observation the basic rubrical structure of the Divine Service and other liturgies as these rites are contained in LSB or its predecessor volumes, employing variety and diversity within our liturgy rather than in place of our liturgy.

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