Was the Church of the Old Testament “missional”?

This question came to mind because I was recently driving around Cheyenne and noticed a “New Testament Christian Church”.

Simple question, hopefully will result in some comments and conversation.

I contend that by current standards (get out there and GO Law based evangelism, “every snap of the fingers tells of another soul going to hell”,  downplay your identity in order to gain more by bait and switch)[yes, I understand I am unfairly stereotyping some things here], the Old Testament Church would not be very missional at all.   I remember in my earlier days that I often wondered about how little evangelism the Church did in those days.

What did the evangelism efforts of the Church during Old Testament times look like?  Were they based upon personal evangelism and mission programs or were they based upon vocation and identity?  Is this a both/and or either/or situation?

Some other things that come to mind about this: when the Church of those days adopted practices of the erring, it fell away from God (although He alone kept a safe remnant for the sake of the Gospel).  When ignorance of the promises became common the Church suffered dearly as well (although God alone kept a safe remnant pure, restored the teachings in time, all for the sake of the Gospel).

Food for your though and discussion hopefully:


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