I drove across the country to meet with my editor (Pastor Rossow)

No, seriously, it was a family vacation of sorts.

  • visiting friends in Nebraska and commiserating about parsonages, including the care congregations can show their shepherd
  • the joy and reminder of preaching at an ordination and watching congregations eagerly receive their new pastor
  • being reminded of the slogan, “God’s Word and Luther’s doctrine pure shall now and evermore endure” as carved on a beautiful church
  • ecumenically visiting dear ELS friends in their new southern Minnesota parish
  • seeing family in Illinois
  • reminding loved ones of baptism and it’s comforts
  • meeting with my editor over crepes, country fried steak, omelettes and discussing BJS while my children made a mess worthy of BJS headlines
  • buying novelty gifts for my family at a massive Bass Pro Shop
  • still awaiting another full day of driving with three small children
  • surprise visiting a cousin and fellow pastor in Iowa

Patience is:

  • driving from Wyoming to Illinois via SD, MN, and IA and NE and return without a DVD player
  • waiting for my wife to type this on a tiny smart phone keypad as we hurtle down the interstate

Love is:

  • typing aforementioned post for previously mentioned husband

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