Cooperation in Externals… see the corruption on display. Lutheran Child and Family Services now placing children in same-sex couple “homes”

I was alerted to this article just this evening from the Chicago Tribune.  See it here.

Here is what our continued experience with the “cooperation in externals” has gotten us:

After the article makes sure to note that LCFS is associated with the LCMS, the article goes on to quote the executive director:

“Gene Svebakken, executive director of LCFS, said the agency believes it has found a way to balance state law and church guidelines, which don’t restrict licensing same-sex couples. LCFS now will license any qualified prospective parent and will place children with same-sex couples in collaboration with other entities, he said.”

To top it off, the Roman Catholics are trying to stand firm on this issue, but that is not a problem for the LCMS related LCFS, they will take the trouble cases (involving same-sex “homes”) on to relieve the Roman Catholic Charities:

“Svebakken also has offered to take Catholic Charities cases in Springfield and Belleville if those Catholic agencies cease to offer foster care services.”

Certainly, the head of LCFS doesn’t believe that their work is “external” as you read his last quote:

“It’s been a fine line for me to walk here,” he said. “As Lutherans, part of our genetic code is to be involved in the world around us. If we’re out there, it’s going to be messy.”

I would contend that they are no longer involved with the world around them, they have joined it (James 4:4).


If you would like, you can browse the website for LCFS of Illinois here.

Those of you in the Northern Illinois District may be interested in this for its affect upon your local witness.

Is it time to start writing those resolutions to District Conventions in order to cease all of these so-called “cooperation in externals”?




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