A call for pastors to keep watch over doctrine in all situations

Just last weekend numerous congregations in the LCMS used the prayers released by our Synod for the Prayer of the Church.  This is nice service that Synod provides to pastors and congregations and there is some great meaning behind a church united in prayer.  Last Sunday I did not use these prayers, opting instead to write different petitions for my congregation.  A brother pastor pointed out to me one of the petitions from last Sunday that was out of sorts.

Here is the petition:

P          For those outside the Christian faith, that God would remain patient with them and delay Judgment Day so that the Holy Spirit may have opportunity to bring them into God’s family of believers, let us pray to the Lord:

C         Lord, have mercy.

This petition is a far cry from “Thy Kingdom Come” and “Amen. Come Lord Jesus.” This prayer is also a good example of the functional arminianism that Pr. Curtis brought into light in his papers on evangelism.  It is one thing for us to desire that all would be saved and come to the knowledge of Christ, but quite another to tell God to hold off on Judgment Day.

What does the petition portray as to the relationship in the Trinity?

What are your thoughts on the matter?

With regards to this, it is important that pastors keep watch over the teachings, even when they come from our beloved Synod or publishing house.  For the men who write such things and review them can also err.

Still, the LetUsPray project is a good service, even if they mess up a petition every once in a while.





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