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  1. boaz! I love that link — do you know which Concordia it is? Or is this one of those photoshopped signs?

  2. What does it mean when a church names itself as “First”? I know there are a several in the Missouri Synod.

  3. @JAM #6

    lol…. perhaps they long to be Baptist? Baptists are known for naming their churches with ordinal numbers.

  4. Usually it means the first church of that denomination or synod established in the area… along with an apparent lack of imagination.

    Back in the pre-computer days when Ma Bell’s White Pages and Yellow Pages were the closest thing to “Google,” I wouldn’t be surprised if there were an AAA Lutheran Church in some large city.

  5. Reference to #3

    I’m just maling a small pun ..but do you KNOW how many times this has been brought up in the conventions previously. If you have the time you might do some checking. I have many many old old Luth. Witness that I am plowing thru to give to people of synod that I know. I wouldn’t have been able to read the German ones so they are in good hands now.

    I still like to say snappy I’m LCMS.

  6. JAM :What does it mean when a church names itself as “First”? I know there are a several in the Missouri Synod.

    Here’s how I’ve heard it: It means that there was a split in the congregation and the two congregations resulting from the split wanted to keep the same name. The one using “First” in front of the name may or may not be the more faithful or more historic of the two, although that is supposedly what it means.

  7. @Boaz 4- that’s actually pretty clever, isn’t it? For non-link-clickers it says ‘Hipster Jesus Loved You Before You Were Cool.’ Hipsters, as a group, are known for intentionally seeking out fashions/trends that are unpopular and looked down upon. They claim them as their own and they gradually bring them into the mainstream. The styles are out of fashion and cannot get back into fashion in their own. Only hipsters can bring them back in, through their grace (if you will.)
    I have never in my life thought to compare God to the group of people that brought back men’s pastel straight legged trousers before, but it actually fits really really well (unlike so many pairs of thrift store skinny pants.)

  8. Our church is prayer conditioned!


    Always remember that Hell is un-cool.

    (Nyuk, nyuk!)

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