Church Growth Conference at Redeemer, Fort Wayne – Not the way you think.

Ok, it’s just a play on words, the good folks at Redeemer are not going off the deep end into the error-laden world of church growth – they are focused on God’s created way for growth within the church (being fruitful and multiplying, and then raising the fruit of a marriage in the Faith).

I recently found out about an annual conference that is hosted at Redeemer, Fort Wayne every year.  Their website is here.  It is a conference for families.  That is right, a conference on something often forgotten in the quest to be the next big, relevant, hip, fad-driven, outwardly focused church – marriage and family.  The conference appears to have all sorts of fun (play), study (work), and prayer offices and even a Divine Service (worship).  It even has all of these available for all ages at the same time.  No, they are not dividing the church by age group or what each finds appealing, but just gathering all the church together and letting them be Christians within their vocations of husband, wife, father, mother, children, siblings, and so forth.

It looks like from their FAQ section that they are going to be very inclusive!

I can only commend such a conference as being a great gift to the Church and those families who choose to take part.  This is a great idea for our Life Together as a Church, encouraging families and providing opportunities for them to simply be Christian families.  Imagine the evangelism potential as Christian families are encouraged to interact with others of the same faith, all within the context of family and our Faith.  Maybe some future families will trace their roots to such events as these conferences.

Maybe other congregations throughout our Synod will (or already do) imitate this fine example.

If you are around the Fort Wayne area, or maybe are looking for a last minute family vacation, check it out.


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