The U of M LCMS Chapel is a Church Growth Dream Come True, by Pr. Rossow

They have built all sorts of dorms and apartments around the University Chapel in Minneapolis. This is a Church Growth dream come true! The people have come to the church. Yet the Minnesota South District, a district outspokenly committed to the principles of Church Growth, wants to tear it down and sell it. Something just does not add up.

I gleaned this little tid bit while having dinner with the chaplain, Pastor David Kind. I am up in Minneapolis to speak at the CLCC conference and to stick around for some of the ACL conference and had some free time this evening and had a wonderful couple hours of touring the facility and learning all about the Lord’s ministry going on there.

Pastor Kind lives up to his name. He is also a great teacher, administrator and friend to the community. He took me on a tour of the chapel, its Sunday School rooms, the liturgical art studio they have started, the offices and the neighborhood. The chapel is a treasure and so is its pastor. I ask the thousands of BJS readers (we average 3,000 unique visitors a day) to pray that the Minnesota South District Board of Directors reject the plan to liquidate this grand, stately and wonderful facility rather than cash it in for short-term “gain.”

We will keep you posted and as plans become available on how the chapel community will respond we will make them available to you. In the meantime, continue to call and e-mail the Minnesota South district office.

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