The Fruit of Doctrinal Indifference… a sad story.

I stumbled across this story on the ELCA and how the great turbulence after the 2009 Assembly has largely disappeared.

Here is the link to the article in the Great Falls, MT newspaper:

What saddened me most is a quote from Bishop Jessica Crist which stated that “I definitely see positive coming out of it. Those who are staying are staying because they choose to.”  This has become true, those who stayed in the ELCA (as congregations and individuals) have chosen to do so.

This is the fruit of decades of doctrinal indifference from the pastors and laity, resulting in many people choosing to be a part of a church which believes and teaches false doctrine which also goes against natural law.

I am reminded of a quote from C.F.W. Walther in one of his addresses to new members of his congregation.

“It is a settled fact that whoever is indifferent to false doctrine is indifferent also to pure doctrine and his soul’s salvation, and has no right to bear the name Lutheran and the name of Christ.”  (from The Motives and Qualifications of Genuine Church Members)

How much of this poison of indifference can be found among us?  How best can we raise awareness to the presence of such destructive attitudes?  How can laity help wake clergy up?  How can clergy help wake laity up?  To the Word, to the Word.  Preachers, to your pulpits, hearers to your pews – take what you learned there into your daily lives.  God does not desire the death of sinners but repentance to come – repentance born of the Spirit working through the Word.





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